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Rumbo a La Playa 79 Loma Bonita Guerrero Mexico
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If you encounter any difficulties booking your stay, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected]. We're here to help.

Hotel Description

Somewhere deep in the jungle, nestled amongst mountains and coast, lies a hidden paradise on 172 acres of sprawling palm groves and raw, untamed landscape. A new beachfront destination for like-minded explorers, makers, creators, and thinkers, MUSA is community cast in utopian forms, and rooted in the pillars of conscious design, modern aesthetic, and unrestricted laidback luxury.

Featuring a thirteen bedroom boutique hotel, a five bedroom secluded oceanfront villa, and complete private residences to book and stay, MUSA offers a range of accommodations to be the safe haven in the adventure you are about to begin.


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